Neem oil and health

You can use neem oil as a concentrate, or you can mix it with some base oil.

  • repellent-for mosquitoes and moth
  • used for treating lots of skin diseases such as acne, burns, fever, eczema, psoriasis, itch, athlete’s foot, dandruff and lice, candida, and for inflammation of the ear and mouth
  • for skin care and hydration, treating wrinkles and returning the elasticity of the skin, for cleaning nails and cuticle
  • creates a purifying effect in aromatherapy

Usage of the oil

USE:you can use neem oil as a concentrate, or you can mix it with some base oil. Mix one part of neem oil with 2 to 3 parts of the base oil-olive, coconut, almond, etc.

Keep the neem oil in dry and dark place without sunlight. Cold pressed neem oil hardens even at the room temperature. Put it in a warm place or in a bowl filled with warm water(approximately 35°C) to make it a liquid again.

Do not put neem into hot water(50°C and higher), because it could reduce effectiveness of its features.

If you recently had a lice problem use a bit of neem oil for the next several times you wash your hair, to prevent the lice from hatching again.

What does neem oil help with?

ARTHRITIS: different kinds of arthritis can appear as a result of the autoimmune system disorders and lead to joint damage and inflammation. Dermal usage of neem oil can help a lot with these problems. Antibacterial features reduce infection, lower the pain and relieve the inflammation symptoms.

ACNE: having acne is very unpleasant because they appear on one’s face. Neem oil can destroy the bacteria found in acne, which helps getting rid of them. It also reduces the inflammation caused by acne.

PSORIASIS: reduces itch and skin redness without causing side effects.

DANDRUFF: massage the neem oil into the scalp and leave it there for at least an hour. Wash your hair with shampoo after that. Do so 2 to 3 times a week and the dandruff will be gone after not more than 3 weeks.

AROMATHERAPY: The leaves clean the air from bacteria and viruses, which helps in preventing spread of infection by disinfecting the room.

AGAINST MOSQUITOES: it is a great repellent. You can apply neem oil directly on your skin or you can use it in aroma lamp.

AGAINST MOTH: put cotton balls soaked with neem oil into your closet. The smell of the neem oil, wich is similar to garlic, makes moths and other insects go away.

PETS: neem oil can help in treating your pet’s diseases, such as fungal infections, dermatitis, eczema and head psoriasis. You can use it for fleas and dry skin. Put a few drops of neem oil into the schampoo and use it for washing your pet.

LICE: getting rid of lice step by step

  1. First of all, massage neem oil into the scalp. Make sure you oil each and every part of it! The massage should be powerful, so that the pores could easily soak the oil up.
  2. The person who is being treated should be lying on the floor, with a plastic foil below the head, so that the oil couldn’t drip on the floor
  3. Leave the oil in for one hour and then shampoo your hair.
  4. Rinse the shampoo from your hair well, but let it stay a bit oily.
  5. Divide your hair into two parts and comb it with thick metal comb to remove the ova. You can also use tweezers to be sure you have destroyed the nits.
  6. You should let your hair stay that oily for at least two days before washing it thoroughly. Use a bit of neem oil for the next several times you wash your hair, to prevent the lice from hatching again.

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